2008 Cayenne TT DFI
Siemens SDI4 ECU
Price: $3500

EVOMSit Run 1: EVOMSit V4 Software, EVOMS Dual V-Flow Air Intake System, Second Catalyst Bypass
Run 2:
EVOMSit V4 Software, EVOMS Dual V-Flow Air Intake System
Baseline Run 3: Baseline - ALL STOCK

Power is measured at the wheels on our Mustang 500 SE AWD dyno in a controlled environment for accuracy.   Dyno runs shown are the average runs of a 10 run sample group for both the Baseline and EVOMSit modified runs. Dyno runs are accurately run with the same RPM start point, same transmission gear, same performance mode (sport or non-sport) and same cool down time in-between runs.  Measurement was made with 1 x 65,000 CFM main cooling fan in the front of the vehicle with 2 x 5000 CFM "spot" cooling fans directed at the intercoolers.  Dyno room temperature was 88.5 degrees Fahrenheit for both sets of run groups and fuel grade was 100% pump 91 octane AZ grade oxygenated fuel.