MkIV R32

2004 MKIV R32

Price: 500

While tuning the MKIV R32 we not only brought out more power and more torque we were able smooth out the power band, significantly increase low-end torque, made tremendous top-end horsepower, improve accelerator pedal responsiveness and put the rev limit at the perfect spot. We have received nothing but exceptional accolades from customers that not only went from stock to [EVOMSit], but upgraded from other software companies to [EVOMSit] revering that “This is how the MKIV R32 should have come from the factory.”

+12 AWHP / +14 AWTQ

R32 [EVOMSit] software & V-Flow Air Intake System: $799
Improved Power and TQ. 25 AWHP and 24 AWTQ gain
[EVOMSit] Sponsored R32 Racecar

“We ran the car again this weekend and are very happy with the [EVOMSit] R32 flash. Midrange power and throttle response are excellent, and we were getting 1.86 60ft’s on a start with slight uphill and a turn!! We ran the EVOMSit software this weekend and finished 1st in STX in the Southwest divisional championships.”

-Paul Carrig
AutoX Champion