DSG Transmission Software

The [EVOMSit] DSG transmission software upgrade transforms the stock DSG transmission shifting and launch control settings to a more aggressive, yet safe level of maximized performance. Since the release of the DSG transmission, there have been numerous complaints from VW / Audi owners and especially from the hardcore enthusiasts who expected more out of their MK5 R32. We have witnessed first hand the various software related shortcomings of the DSG transmission and have improved upon this great technology. The [EVOMSit] DSG software upgrade accomplishes the following:

> Increases the Rev Limit to 6900, 7000 or 7200 RPMS
> Improves shifting time (up to 50%) for quicker acceleration
> Launch control RPM Raised from 3200 RPM’s to a safe 4250 RPM’s
> Transforms manual shift mode – Holds selected gear until the new rev limit
> Removes automatic up-shifting until rev limit
> Improved drivability in normal “Drive” mode – shifts at the new raised rev limit
> 30 minute installation available at our authorized dealer network throughout the USA and Internationally

Price: $695