Cayenne Turbo TT

2008 Cayenne TT DFI

Siemens SDI4 ECU
Price: $1595

EVOMSit Run 1: [EVOMSit] V4 Software, EVOMS Dual V-Flow Air Intake System, Second Catalyst Bypass
EVOMSit Run 2: [EVOMSit] V4 Software, EVOMS Dual V-Flow Air Intake System
Baseline Run 3: Baseline – ALL STOCK

Power is measured at the wheels on our Mustang 500 SE AWD dyno in a controlled environment for accuracy. Dyno runs shown are the average runs of a 10 run sample group for both the Baseline and [EVOMSit] modified runs. Dyno runs are accurately run with the same RPM start point, same transmission gear, same performance mode (sport or non-sport) and same cool down time in-between runs. Measurement was made with 1 x 65,000 CFM main cooling fan in the front of the vehicle with 2 x 5000 CFM “spot” cooling fans directed at the intercoolers. Dyno room temperature was 88.5 degrees Fahrenheit for both sets of run groups and fuel grade was 100% pump 91 octane AZ grade oxygenated fuel.