996 Turbo Tiptronic (TCU) Upgrade

Transmission Upgrade: 2001-2005 Porsche Turbo TCU Upgrade

Evolution MotorSports continues to demonstrate our successful and relentless pursuit of innovative performance products for Porsche vehicles. Since we were the first company in the USA to develop, test and publicly offer a TCU upgrade for the 997TT back in April, 2009, we decided to tackle the more difficult task of tuning the 996TT TCU. After a tremendous amount of development time, using real time EPROM emulation, dyno testing and road testing, we have successfully upgraded the functions of the 996TT TCU. Our extensive testing process and dedication to elevated standards insures the safety and quality of our products and services. Performance………Engineered and EVOLVED.

The 996TT Tiptronic Control Unit (TCU) is responsible for controlling
the transmission functions such as shift speed, shift RPM, torque and
many other transmission related tasks. Our TCU upgrade improves
the overall performance of the 996 Turbo tiptronic transmissions. We
carefully disassembled and monitored the TCU functions while driving
on our AWD dyno with an EPROM emulator. This allowed us to tune
in real time and monitor the changes and how they affected the
transmission performance. The final result is improved shift speeds,
higher torque limits and raised rev limit to make use of all of the
engines power up to 7000 RPMS.

EVOMSit 996 Turbo TCU incorporates the following functions:
> Increased Rev Limit – 7000 RPMS*
> Increased TQ Limits
> Quicker Up and Down Shifting
> Broader and More Usable Powerband
> Price: $1000

*The ECU rev limiters must also be calibrated to allow higher TCU shift points. We offer various different
ECU/TCU programming options to suite your specific requirements. TCU must be sent to EVOMS for upgrade.
Same Day Turnaround on mail order TCU’s.