2003 Ferrari F360 Manual

Bosch ME7.3.1
Price: $1995
Notes: 2 x ECU’s

Baseline Run 05: ALL Stock
EVOMSitĀ Run 15: [EVOMSit] V5 Software

Power is measured at the wheels on Fabspeed MotorSport Dynojet in a controlled environment for accuracy. Dyno runs shown are the average runs of a 10 run sample group for both the Baseline and [EVOMSit] modified runs. Dyno runs are accurately run with the same RPM start point, same transmission gear, same performance mode (sport or non-sport) and same cool down time in-between runs. Measurement was made with 1 x 65,000 CFM main cooling fan in the front of the vehicle with 2 x 5000 CFM “spot” cooling fans directed towards the air inlet scoops. Engine lid was closed to simulate actual air flow into the engine compartment. Dyno room temperature was 74.8 degrees Fahrenheit for both sets of run groups and fuel grade was pump 93 octane PA grade fuel. Also available for F1 transmission.

[EVOMSit] Software vs Stock
Power measured at the wheels