2005 Mercedes SL65

Bosch ME2.8 ECU

[EVOMSit] Performance Software: 670 HP / 848 TQ
Baseline – ALL Stock: 604 HP / 738 TQ

~66 HP / ~120 TQ Gain*

Power is measured at the wheels on our Mustang 500 SE AWD dyno in a controlled environment for accuracy. Dyno runs shown are the average runs of a 10 run sample group for both the Baseline and [EVOMSit] modified runs. Dyno runs are accurately run with the same RPM start point, same transmission gear, same performance mode (sport or non-sport) and same cool down time in-between runs. Measurement was made with 1 x 65,000 CFM main cooling fan in the front of the vehicle. Dyno room temperature was 84.7 degrees Fahrenheit for both sets of run groups and was conducted with AZ 91 octane fuel.

*During our tests with the [EVOMSit] software, we had some traction problems on the dyno during peak boost. We loaded the trunk with 2 guys to help gain traction during our power tests. Even with the added weight, we had traction problems. This traction problem could be felt by the dyno operator and may have skewed the final dyno results. Our German tuning partner has tested this same software and saw similar results below 3500 RPMS however they saw higher results above 3500 RPMS. Either way, this SL65 with the [EVOMSit] performance software is a BEAST!!!