[EVOMSit] is fanatically obsessed with achieving ultimate perfection with our performance engine software. Our analytical tuning methods combined with methodical testing procedures, state of the art equipment and unmatched mechanical intelligence are fused together to create the ULTIMATE aftermarket performance software.


Evolution MotorSports Engine Performance System for the McLaren MP4-12C improves upon the already impressive stock engine horsepower and torque. The stock 3.8L twin turbo engine with the latest V.10.2 (616 HP) Factory Update is transformed to an impressive 659 HP and 552 lb. /ft. of TQ with our complete Stage1 Performance Computer Module. Stock Power as tested on our AWD Mustang 500SE dyno was 616 HP and 516 lb. /ft. of TQ. Our engine performance system enhances the turbochargers boost response time with our engine electronics recalibration and increases boost pressure by 0.17 – 0.20 bar (2.5 -2.94 PSI). Additional electronic mapping to the fuel injection system are also re-calibrated to compensate for the increased boost pressure and overall performance to deliver a very potent yet safe power enhancement for to this one of a kind supercar.

  • The electronic functions are carried out with our [EVOMSit] Intelligent Control Module (ICM) which integrates seamlessly into the OEM engine wiring harness with our plug and play electronics connectors
  • The EVOMSit ICM software is precisely calibrated to improve the turbocharger boost pressure while delivering the exact amount of fuel which safely increases the engines power and efficiency
  • The EVOMSit ICM is 100% reversible without leaving any traces it was ever installed
  • The EVOMSit ICM does not interfere with OEM diagnostics or dealer service
  • The EVOMSit ICM does not disable any of the OEM electronic engine safety features
  • Our complete Stage 1 and Stage 2 Performance systems have been extensively tested and performance verified during dyno simulation, real world road and race track driving conditions and are calibrated for both 91 and 93 octane fuels


The heart of the Evolution MotorSports engine performance System is the [EVOMSit] Intelligent Engine Control Module (ICM). The ICM integrates seamlessly to improve the power and torque of the twin turbocharged McLaren 3.8L engine. Fitting the ICM is simply made through a “plug and play” wire harness with OEM connection for a trouble-free installation. Our dual processor, 4-channel ICM is programmed to safely increase the turbocharger boost pressure by an additional 0.27 – 0.30 bar (3.96 -4.41 PSI). The fuel calibration is also controlled through the ICM which is programmed to electronically increase fuel pressure with the increase in boost pressure. The ICM boost and fuel parameters have been optimized for both 91 and 93 octane and have been extensively tested on both our AWD dyno as well as in real world street and race conditions. Our test MP4-12C has just returned from a 1000 mile street and race rally where the vehicle was pushed to its limits for over 800 of the 1000 mile event.

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997.2 Turbo

2010 Porsche 997TT 3.8L DFI PDK

Siemens SDI3

Run 01: [EVOMSit] Software Only – 91 octane
Run 02: Baseline – ALL Stock – 91 octane

Power is measured at 4 wheels on Evolution Motorsports AWD Mustang dyno in a controlled environment for accuracy. Dyno runs shown are the average runs of a 10 run sample group for both the Baseline and [EVOMSit] modified runs. Dyno runs are accurately run with the same RPM start point, same transmission gear, same performance mode (sport or non-sport) and same cool down time in-between runs. Measurement was made with 1 x 65,000 CFM main cooling fan in the front of the vehicle with 2 x 5000 CFM “spot” cooling fans directed towards the air inlet scoops. Engine lid was closed to simulate actual air flow into the engine compartment. Dyno room temperature was 81.2 degrees Fahrenheit for both sets of run groups and fuel grade was pump 91 octane AZ grade fuel.

997 Turbo Tiptronic (TCU) Upgrade

Transmission Upgrade: 2007-2009 Porsche Turbo TCU Upgrade

The 997TT Tiptronic Control Unit (TCU) is responsible for controlling the transmission functions such as shift speed, shift RPM, torque and many other transmission related activities. Our TCU upgrade improves these functions to improve the overall performance of the tiptronic transmission. We carefully disassembled and monitored the TCU functions while driving on our AWD dyno with an EPROM emulator. This allowed us to tune in real time and monitor the changes and how they affected the performance. The final result was a drastic improvement to the overall drivability, shift speeds and raised rev limit to make use of all of the engines power up to 7000 RPMS. Performance…Engineered and EVOLVED The EVOMSit TCU upgrade incorporates the following functions:
> Increased Rev Limit – 7000 RPMS*
> Increased TQ Limits
> Quicker Up and Down Shifting
> Price: $1000

*The ECU rev limiters must also be calibrated to allow higher TCU shift points. We offer various different ECU/TCU programming options to suit your specific requirements. TCU must be sent to EVOMS for upgrade. Same Day Turnaround. Extensive real world testing has been conducted throughout the world on many high powered 997TT tiptronic cars. Our development partner EXELIXIS ( in Greece has conducted over 10,000 test kilometers of driving on 2 different cars with this TCU upgrade. The development cars were both fitted with 700 + HP engine upgrades. One car has made countless 1/4 mile launches recording a best time of 10.6 seconds @ 214 KPH (132.68 MPH) See the following thread to
see this car in action – posted by the car owner and 6-speed member – Kakimoto – The additional test car is a top speed car that gets constantly pushed at high loads and RPM levels for prolonged periods of time.


DSG Transmission Software

The [EVOMSit] DSG transmission software upgrade transforms the stock DSG transmission shifting and launch control settings to a more aggressive, yet safe level of maximized performance. Since the release of the DSG transmission, there have been numerous complaints from VW / Audi owners and especially from the hardcore enthusiasts who expected more out of their MK5 R32. We have witnessed first hand the various software related shortcomings of the DSG transmission and have improved upon this great technology. The [EVOMSit] DSG software upgrade accomplishes the following:

> Increases the Rev Limit to 6900, 7000 or 7200 RPMS
> Improves shifting time (up to 50%) for quicker acceleration
> Launch control RPM Raised from 3200 RPM’s to a safe 4250 RPM’s
> Transforms manual shift mode – Holds selected gear until the new rev limit
> Removes automatic up-shifting until rev limit
> Improved drivability in normal “Drive” mode – shifts at the new raised rev limit
> 30 minute installation available at our authorized dealer network throughout the USA and Internationally

Price: $695