Customer Feedback

F430 Scuderia/16M:

The software program from EVOMSit for this car has made it even better. Like NIGHT & DAY!!! We arrived around about 10.30am (your time 10.30pm) with both ECU’s. Fitted the ECU’s, started it up took the car out for a test drive with the owner. When I slowly and briskly accelerated away you can feel the smoothness and low end torque to be better. Continued driving slowly with the traffic and the car was behaving better than before. Once we reached the highway ALL HELL WAS LET LOOSE! I floored the car with “RACE” mode activated and the pull was absolutely fantastic. All the way till redline. The torque and power delivery is stronger and throttle response much sharper than before. Oh yes, gear changes seems to be smoother than before. I drove right up to 170mph/272 kph with no issue and the car still had more to give. The owner took over and tested it himself. This time he pushed the car to 188mph on the way back as less traffic then. He was SO IMPRESSED! He never knew that with Fabspeed headers, sportcats and EVOMSit software could the car be made to drive this responsive, smooth as silk and power. This is 1 Scud/16M that’ll eat 997 TTs and GT2s for breakfast. As far as I’m concerned all F430s should do this complete upgrade be it may a normal F430 or Scuderia/16M. Well worth it all day long. No regrets! Many thanks Fabspeed Motorsport and EVOMSit. These are one of those moments that make me feel proud being your Malaysian distributor here. Thanks fellas.

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2004 Maserati Coupe GT

Hi Rod,

Sorry for the delay in getting you the final dyno plot. As I mentioned previously the ECU was easily reinstalled and the driving result was very noticeable. The throttle response is very crisp and the car is much more drivable. Thanks for the great service. I’ll let you know how it runs over time especially when it gets hot this summer and I’m running the A/C load too.

-Ed B
Chicago, IL


Ferrari F430

I got 50 hp! I got 20 to 30 over a stock scuderia out of my F430. This car is amazing now (not that it wasn’t before) . It used to whine like a banchee now she growls like a vicious wounded lion and over 3500 rpm and its unbelievable. It took them 24 hours to do the work. They are geniuses. I wouldn’t have anyone else do the tune. Seat of the pants impressions so far are that the car is incredibly faster in 2 places…off the line and above 5000 on the tach. It pulls strongly all the way to red line. I need a closed road or a track to really explore the vast possibilities that the car possesses.

Here is what I had done…headers, EVOMSit ECU, carbon airboxes with new filters, and the pipes from the muffler with valves and integrated stainless steel tips. I think that was everything.

Philadelphia. PA

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Ferrari F430

Todd, I just finished installing the ECU’s and all I can say is WOW, the car really woke up, 2nd gear rolling, and nailing the throttle, it will light the wheels up, feels quicker then the Scud coup I owned, for sure and the thing just riiiippps through gears.

It pulls VERY strong up top too, reminds me of the 430 GT car I drove at Daytona in the 24 Hour this year where the thing just never ran out of rev’s and speed on the top end….really impressive for sure. I am trying to find a 16m to do some rolling start races with just to compare, I am very curious to see where it stack’s up (not literally), LOL.

-Cort M. Wagner (Professional Driver)
CMW Motorsports, Inc.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Ferrari F430

I got my F430 Spider back from my mechanic on Friday and WOW, what a difference! The car was exhilarating when I bought the car new, and we got a 21 horse improvement with the race cats and aftermarket exhaust which I did a year ago. But the headers, carbon fiber air intake, BMC filter, and EVOMSit ECU programming have made it explosive. I’m looking forward to what you can do to my California when it shows up. Thanks!

-Matt B


Porsche 997TT

WOW…..the EVOMSit ECU up-grade with the intake and total exhaust package ROCKS. The Master Porsche Mechanic at the dealership has installed a few exhaust & ECU upgrades on Porsches and has worked on the Carrera GT, but he said that my Turbo was much better than anything he’s ever driven. With the muffler by-pass pipes on, the car really gets noticed now. Even the city cops pull up & give me a grin. I also wanted to say that the quality and craftsmanship of Fabspeed’s equipment is truly a match to the Porsche’s commitment to excellence.

-Tim H


Porsche 997TT EVT700 Tiptronic

“Just got home from Joensuu where we attended a speed party at the local airport. My EVOMSit EVT-700 managed to squeeze amazing 308 km/h (191 mph) and Mikko’s EVOMSit GT700 even a bit better 312 km/h (194 mph) at one mile stand.”

“I have been more than satisfied with my EVT-700 kit! Car is unbelievable in every aspect. I think the most astonishing feature is the utmost sensitive throttle response, it’s razor sharp. I had chance to try out buddy’s stock 997TT manual and boy is there a huge difference to the full blown EVT-700 variant!”

“Also a 25,9 second 0-300 km/h time is something mind boggling. There aren’t that many cars that in general can do this stretch in less than half a minute. Thank You and All the best!”



Porsche 997TT EVT700

“Todd and the EVOMSit crew, I was blown away with the software for my 997TT. It feels like a completely different, and a significantly better car. The throttle feels much more connected to the engine, if that makes sense. it now feels like pedal movement is directly connected to throttle response”

“Now the engine runs much better and slow and hard acceleration produces smooth and linear response. Anyway, I did not need to hammer the throttle to notice a meaningful improvement in drivability and responsiveness. Definitely makes it much more daily driver friendly. Thanks again to the Sharkwerks and EVOMSit crew!”

Best regards,
Nor Cal


Lamborghini Gallardo

“The software modifications that you performed on my 2008 Gallardo were outstanding. The throttle response and over all power is much improved especially in the higher rev range. I am looking forward to the exhaust upgrade that we have planned next. Thanks Again!”

-Sean M
Phoenix, AZ


Porsche 996TT GT700

“The new EVOMSit program is AWESOME. it’s very fast but, even better, it’s super smooth. it’s *much* easier to drive aggressively – no more bucking in the high RPMs when you let off the throttle (like passing someone on the highway.) THANK YOU!!!!”

Nor Cal


Porsche 996 GT2 GT700

“I Just want to let you know how GREAT if feels to finally have the drivability on the track I have been longing for with this car!

Even though Pocono’s North Course isn’t quite the ideal venue for this beast to stretch its legs, I was really impressed with the power delivery, smoothness, and drivability. The Hitachi MAF along with the V-flow intake, new throttle body, intake plenum, and EVOMSit ECU tune are just incredible! The other preventive maintenance Bodymotion performed also tied this whole package very well.

I can’t wait to go to the track again (probably Thunderbolt with NASA early November), and I couldn’t imagine a better partner for Evolution Motorsports than Bodymotion!”


-Eugene L
New Jersey


Porsche 996TT GT660

Todd and Alex,

Wanted to drop you both a line and once again say thanks for working out a terrific deal for me to migrate from the GIAC GT640 to your new EVOMSit GT660 package.

I’ve had about a week behind the wheel and do believe I notice a smoother delivery of power – not so on/off like in the 640 package. I also feel much more comfortable with the new fuel delivery system – feeling that I’m much safer now with the new setup.

As a bonus, I’m seeing about 5 mph improvement in my fuel economy. Prior to the upgrade, I was getting ~17 mpg during my daily commute to the office. I’m now seeing 22 – 24 mpg which is an added bonus.

I’ve run a 1/4 tank of 100 octane through and also notices the added response as your program adjusts accordingly.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the results and wanted to once again say thanks.

Nor Cal


Porsche Carrera GT


“I’ve been lucky enough to drive a wide range of stock and modified exotic cars on the race track, and the EVOMS CGT your exhaust, intake and finely tuned EVOMSit software is the best car I’ve ever driven.

Not sure how you could take a car as nearly perfect as Porsche’s Carrera GT and make it better, but the guys EVOMS found the way. Not just different, better.”

Your equipment is top flight stuff, the exhaust, intake and EVOMSit ecu upgrade software for Porsche’s stellar Carrera GT is yet another great example of this claim. Great work guys!”
-Mike Speck (Professional Race Driver / Bondurant Driving Instructor)
Phoenix, AZ


Porsche Cayman S

The new EVOMSit software has transformed the car. I never thought that just a simple software switch would make such a HUGE difference!!! This thing is a strait-up beast!! The power comes on with a Herculean force that is sure to please even the most demanding enthusiast. From the moment the throttle is mashed the car accelerates with fury….something my Softronic software was lacking. At high RPM’s the power is sheer joy….unrelenting all the way up until you bounce off the rev-limiter.

I couldn’t be more happy with the stellar service I received from both RennSport-One and EVOMS. With the attention to customer detail from RennSport-One and the unmatched tuning abilities of EVOMS… have a match made in Porsche tuning heaven! Two thumbs up…way up!

Link to Forum Post: Teamspeed – “My RS350 Cayman Courtesy of Rennsport one and EVOMS”


Porsche 997 EVT700 Tiptronic


I just took the 997TT EVT700 out for a spin. It is just awesome!!! That car was absolutely tremendous to drive!!! You guys really did a great job on the programming!! Our customer is going to be thrilled. Thanks again!

-Philip Abram
Norden Autohaus
Performance Manager
Edmonton, AB


Porsche 997 EVT700


I drove the car around just a little last night and if you will allow me a little gutter speak, fuck… that was fun…i didn’t really get to get on it because i had my son in the car but it was almost like accelerating on my ducati 1098… just barely tap the gas and you are gone. Send the dyno stuff as soon as you can because i want to see how it dyno’s in this climate vs you guys…

Thanks Again,
-Pat G


Porsche 996TT GT900

Hello Todd,

I just drove Xico’s car today. Very impressive, hats off to you guys . Did not drive the car at 100% but could feel the brutal power.

-Rodger Hawley
Owner – Orbit Racing


Porsche 997 EVT600


Thanks again for taking care of this for me. I took the car out for a spin tonight, and it feels right again. I notice the smooth part throttle response in normal mode, and that flat spot I described from my previous tune is gone. Excellent Product and service!

-Brian 997TT
So Cal


Maserati GranTurismo S


Thank you for the custom file you made us for the Maserati. The car was transformed and is a now a beast :-) The throttle response and overall power is very smooth and very linear. Great work as usual. Our customer is more than satisfied and we have a few more customers ready to go.

-Justin Belenzoni
Rennsport One

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